Announcing our guest speakers for 2014!

With Idea Shop Design almost upon us, we’re delighted to introduce our expert speakers who will be presenting at the event. Space will be limited so please pre-register for a place by emailing and stating which talk you’d like to attend. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so do get in touch swiftly if interested in attending.


Both talks will be taking place in the Idea Shop itself at 5pm in Unit 1.16, Oxo Tower Wharf, London.


Wednesday 17th September

– Rory Campbell, Head of Design, OgilvyOne

The 6 steps to successful visual communication

Good design communicates its message without anyone noticing the tools or platforms that are being used to create and distribute the final piece.

But how can you achieve this? With so many different channels to consider, marketing communication can be a daunting challenge. Rory Campbell is the head of design at OgilvyOne and he will guide you through the visual communication process so that you can consider all your options and make sure you’re fully equipped to plan your approach: From defining your task, finding ideas that fit your vision for your business to producing your design.


Thursday 18th September

– Stephen Bell, Executive Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell

Fanning the flames of desire…The golden rules for creating powerful brand design for business success.

How do you give your brand personality? Where do you mine for brand differentiation? How does the brand live in what you do and how you talk to your customers or clients?

These are just a few of the questions Stephen will address, sharing his wealth of experience to give you some food for thought as you think about creating or developing your brand to make it an object of desire and a business success.



About the speakers:

Rory has over 14 years of experience which includes operating the digital studio State of Emergence where he was involved in design and art direction with companies that comprised unit9, AKQA and JWT working on brands such as American Express, Sony VAIO, Sunday Times, Unilever, BT, Cisco, and Sony Playstation. He has also had extensive freelance experience with R/GA, AKQA & LIDA working on brands that include Nokia, Nike, Fiat and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Stephen is a graduate of Chelsea School of Art and has worked for over twenty-five years in the design industry. Stephen has created identities and packaging for major blue chip companies through to small start-ups, on brands as diverse as Bloomsbury Publishing, White Knight Laundries, Innocent, Royal Mail,  Coutts, Morrisons, Virgin, Pernod Ricard right through to the BBC. He sits on the Coley Porter Bell Board of Directors as well as representing the design discipline on the Ogilvy Group UK Board. He believes design is an incredibly powerful asset in any business’ growth and that good design from the outset isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s critical for any businesses success.


Idea Shop returns! Coinciding with this year’s London Design Festival, we will be in the heart of the action on London’s South Bank on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th September.

The Ogilvy Idea Shop offers charities and small businesses the opportunity to get free marketing ideas from some of the sharpest minds in the business.

This year, Idea Shop Design will bring you even more great help and support through a particular focus on design…more information to follow soon.

***Please note, places are limited. Registrations close 24th August.***

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made Idea Shop @ Cross Media 2013 such a success – the clients, the walk-in and the Ogilvy volunteers.

We will keep you posted about our next Idea Shop, stay tuned!

Applications now closed!

Calling all small businesses, charities and local organisations, Ogilvy Idea Shop returns this October to provide more smart ideas to help you.

Cross Media is free to attend and everybody is welcome. To apply for your free ideas, Sign up here

Applications close on 4th October

Ogilvy & Mather UK to give away free ideas at Cross Media October 2013

Ogilvy Signature

Ogilvy & Mather UK is offering its expertise and ideas for free at Cross Media 2013 on the 23rd and 24th October at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London. In an effort to give something back to the community, the Ogilvy Ideas shop will offer small businesses and charities advice across the full range of marketing disciplines.

Cross Media 2013 is an event that’s all about integration and aims to help bring together all the channels to help marketers, publishers and printers make sense of this multi-channel world.  This event is free to attend.

For more information drop us an email at or Sign up for a free hour and a half consultation.
Limited appointments are available so please sign up ASAP.

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Exciting news from previous Idea Shop client

Founder of 3D Printshow and Team Awesome, Kerry Hogarth shares her own experience of Idea Shop. Take a look to see how she got on with the Ogilvy Team.

To see what she’s up to now, visit:

Idea Shop returns to give more free advice for health enterprises

Back by popular demand, Ogilvy Healthworld host further brainstorming sessions in local pop-up shop to get community and commerce fighting fit and healthy

Ogilvy Healthworld is once again opening an idea pop-up shop to offer free marketing and communications advice to health-related enterprises in London. Following the success of the inaugural event in 2012, the Ogilvy Healthworld Idea Shop will be manned by the agency’s advertising, PR, digital, medical education, consulting and market access experts who are keen to give something back to the local community by doing what they do best – generating ideas.

Last year the Ogilvy Healthworld Idea Shop provided over 120 hours of free expert healthcare communication advice to 20 local health-related entrepreneurs, small businesses and charities. Over 40 of the agency’s top minds volunteered their time over a two-day period to collaborate with organisations including Terrance Higgins Trust, Rethink Mental Illness and Meningitis Trust.

The feedback from previous participants has been overwhelmingly positive. “The staff members were brilliant and the ideas they came up with were amazing.” said Jane McGrath, mental health activist and founder of social enterprise, Blossom. “I was a little skeptical that they wouldn’t ‘get’ my project but they did – you could almost hear their brains clunking.”

Ogilvy Healthworld is encouraging more health-related enterprises to get involved and applications for the 2013 Idea Shop are now open. The two-day event will take place on 3rd-4th April at 205 Kings Road, SW3 5ED in a bid to get the local community and commerce fighting fit and healthy. Local health-related small businesses, charities and initiatives are invited to register their interest in a free 90 minute idea-thon to address their communications challenges and needs.

So how does it work? To ensure we can give the best ideas, applications must be made in advance and can be submitted here. We will then invite selected applicants to a free brainstorming session at the pop-up shop in Central London.

“Last year’s Idea Shop was a great success for everyone involved,” said Matt de Gruchy, Ogilvy Healthworld UK CEO. “The event gave us a chance to give something back to our local community and as a company we were thrilled to see some of our ideas put into practice. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with more health-related entrepreneurs, small businesses and charities.”

Highlights from Idea Shop Health 2012

Fusion Health Solutions

Post by Tim Koder, Ogilvy 4D Oxford

Fusion Health Solutions is a growing network of therapists led by Jamie McCormack, a performance recovery specialist who aims to help people with and without disabilities to improve their health and wellbeing.

Jamie’s health and wellbeing philosophy and therapies are a fusion of Eastern and Western styles, which Jamie has followed himself in his recovery from a serious accident.

Fusion Health Services currently offers a mixture of consulting and therapy services, with the ambition to gain funding for a centre that combines the best of a private training studio, therapy centre, drop in (support) and training academy, to get more people with disabilities and from ethnic minorities into the health and wellbeing profession.

The next key promotional activity this summer will be a ‘know your numbers’ pop-up shop in a Croydon shopping centre, offering people the chance to have indicators such as blood pressure measured and discussed with a therapist. Over several days, the pop-up shop will focus in turn on critical health topics such as spinal injury or heart disease.

Idea Generation

  • Clients with or without disabilities can burn out at any time – Jamie asks clients to remember they are potentially 3 months away from a new health problem, which can then potentially have serious financial consequences as well. The focus is therefore on prevention, through simple achieveable changes such correct posture in office furniture, exercise as part of everyday lifestyle, and recovery techniques learned from professional sport.
  • The philosophy is not one of work-life balance but of work-life integration. Where someone may only be able to work for two hours in a week, Fusion Health Solutions will look to find the skill that person has which can be successfully marketed to the right customer.
  • Activities should be things that people can do without costing money – if you can’t do it without weights, you shouldn’t do it.
  • Key target areas are depression, obesity and diabetes, conditions related to stress, with which patients may suffer long term pain and multiple relapses before they are given access to relevant health programme. Fusion Health Solutions plans to develop management pathways in conjunction with healthcare providers so that medical treatment, therapy and lifestyle mentoring can be planned and provided synergistically.
  • Work on these pathways and other activities will initially start at a local level. Once a standard is set, Fusion Health Solutions will provide a toolkit through its network of associated therapists so that the pathways can be applied globally.
  • The pop-up shop in Croydon will be in an area to be featured in Mary Portas’ TV series, and will have a large number of potential clients. Local media should be invited, in particular newspapers, radio stations, and a contact in the Irish Post newspaper.
  • From the pop-up shop, clients will be referred for therapy and/or medical attention, signposted towards local activity groups suited to them and then followed up, providing an evidence base that Fusion Health Solutions can then use.
  • A journey of 1,000 steps begins with 1 step

7digital – the biggest digital music website you’ve never heard of

Post by Corin Wing, Ogilvy 4D Oxford

Lee and Kelaine (7digital) came to the ideas shop to discuss how to raise awareness about 7digital a digital content provider with a global reach. 7digital has an impressive and expansive music catalogue of nineteen million music tracks and one million eBooks. However, historically 7digital mainly catered for big business rather than the individual music lover that is where Ogilvy came in…

Whilst talking to 7digital it became clear that although not well-known, 7digital are a giant amongst their industry. Which raised the question, what makes 7digital unique amongst an already crowded and well-established market? Well, unlike digital music providers such as Itunes and Spotify Lee informed us that 7digital operates on a cloud based storage system which means that users can listen and download their music anywhere, anytime onto multiple platforms. In addition, unlike providers such as Itunes and Spotify 7digital have the luxury of being able to provide tracks from artists such as Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

There were a number of ideas discussed at the ideas shop, from partnering with a coffee shop such as Costa to raising the profile of the companies CEO. A number of key themes arose – the importance of educating the public on how to download and store digital music files and raising the profile of the company by appearing at and sponsoring music events.

For more infomration, visit

Caspari – Changing lives securing futures

Post by: Laura Harrington, Jordi Connor, Ella Tomlin Kedge

Caspari is an independant charity providing educational psychotherapy to children and young people at risk of exclusion because of behavioural difficulties – usually caused by trauma in their lives such as abuse, neglect, substance abuse or bereavement.

The cost per year to provide educational psychoptherapy for one child is huge and the waitinglist of children is growing. Caspari came to the Ogilvy Idea Shop with the objective of generating ideas around raising its profile and attracting funding.

Idea Generation

1. Define the Caspari story

  • In order for Caspari to raise its profile and subsequently attract funding the brand story needs to be defined – its reason for being and the value it provides for Children (ie. if Changing lives and securing futures –  a clear positive message about future / opportunity / change for children).
  • Once defined all comms should ultimately stem from this overarching brand story (with a distinctive Caspari look and feel).

2 .Determine different audiences and target accordingly

  • Break down prospects and tailor the message for each according to what you want the audience to do as a result of that communication (ensure consistency of overarching brand story)
  • Focus on prospects with the most return. So rather than targeting 100 people to do a fun-run for £100 target a corporate company or wealthy individual based locally to the charity. Canary Wharf is close by and full of large corporations that could be researched / approached.
  • Relate the messaging to prospects. Make the connection between the charity’s goals and the company targeted and how it might benefit them to support Caspari – ie future / opportunity would align with a brand like Nike who embark on campaigns such as Write the future
  • When selling-in to prospects keep it short and use real stories and images rather than lengthy / wordy presentations.
  • Include real success stories of children and the direct affect Caspari has had on their lives – prospects will be more likely to remember the brand if they ‘feel’ something.

3. Consider reciprocity

  • In order to encourage funding consider the feeling of reciprocity. Getting something back ie. the promise that by donating ‘X’ a child will have psychotherapy for ‘X’ amount of time or a thank you note from a child who has benefited from Caspari willhelp persuade people to donate. This promise will also help build brand loyalty.

4. Find an ambassador

  • We’re all heavily influenced by who delivers us the information we receive – find an ambassador who can embody the brand and spread the Caspari story from a position of influence
  • Someone who is local to the charity or who has experienced some of the difficulty that Caspari helps children work through
  • Possible option: an east London musician or sportsman.

5. Showcase the output

  • The art work that the children produce at the start of psychoanalytical treatment is dark and disturbing rather than a picture that you might expect from a child. Host a pop-up gallery in a gallery in the east London or a vacant store and showcase the children’s art. Publicise locally, invite local politicians, artists, community stakeholders, potential donators and the brand ambassador.

For more information about Caspari please visit: